About Us



Speak Your Kind is the brain child of the fabulous Katy Ridgway. One day in a vision: God spoke to her and he said, “You will start a movement. A movement of kindness with 20,000 acts of kindness in one year” and she said, “what? A movement? Ok”. 

Then in a conversation with her coach, Katy shared dream job in heaven. That God would create a job just for her to come back down to Earth to spread random acts of Kindness across the land. Then she remembered, God calls us to create heaven on Earth. So she got to work with a number, a thought, and no plan. She wanted a visual, a tool to remind people of their inherit goodness to be kind. She knew that God would show her that symbol –  Then this image appeared where Angels were shedding feathers from their wings, covering the Earth, and each one represented an act of kindness. This message arrived and we thought we can’t make this stuff up. So birthed, the need to spread feathers as a means, a starting point of  kindness spread around the world... and so the journey of Speak Your Kind began... and with every great movement, there are great people who partner... and through the timeliness and connection of friendship, Miranda Linville, (best friend of 17 years) joined movement of kindling Kindness with Katy - through Speak Your Kind.